Looking for the “zuppa inglese”

We meet at the usual roundabout of the Commercial Center of Le Terrazze with Giovanni, Ubaldo and Franco and then we reach Gianluigi at the Decathlon car park and then off towards the Cerreto Pass with a coffee stop and the return home of Franco. We continue and arrived at the Pietra di Bismantova we do not miss anything, not even the Zuppa Inglese.

Return to the road back through the Lagastrello where we divide, Ubaldo and Giovanni descend towards Spezia, Gianluigi and I continue to Monchio delle Corti to go back to the Passo del Cirone, from there we descend to Pontremoli where we take the motorway return.

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Bikers: Gianluigi DeAndrade, Giovanni Sansostri, Ubaldo Castellini, Franco Cozzani and Leandro Bellani.

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