Get up and leave early, a few kilometers from Duilhac we said goodbye to Franco and Marco, who took one more day of vacation, so Gianni and I took the way home. The stretch of road that we have traveled before taking the highway has been wrapped in a truly unique, magical, unrepeatable atmosphere! The light of the morning with the low sun that created long shadows and the clear air, still fresh, the non-existent traffic in these streets lost in the Languedoc countryside bewitched us with their silence broken only by the roar of our engines. Entered in Tuchan we spotted a friendly Boulangerie and once purchased Pain on chocolat we sat on a comfortable bench under the plane trees to enjoy them while we watched the coming and going of the people who parked the cars, they went in and out of the store and started their day. Turned the corner of the square we drank a coffee in the Bar of the country and then we reluctantly left this idyllic peace to go, after many kilometers, towards the busy life of our days, we reached the highway and we started the long ride back. We made a lot of attention not to exceed the speed limits and we made two stops, the first in France to eat something and then in Italy, from the parts of Sanremo to catch your breath and think about which way to get to Genoa, because the day first, on the 14 th the Morandi Bridge collapsed with enormous human damage (43 victims). At the service station we talked with two policemen who confirmed that we could exit at Genoa Airport and return to West Genoa. Arrived in Rapallo we said goodbye to Gianni and Sestri Levante, to end up in beauty, I left the highway and I made the Passo del Bracco.

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Bikers: Gianni Valle, Franco Cozzani, Marco Galeazzi e Leandro Bellani.

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