On this website there is a piece of my life, the one that traveled by bike.

To me it serves as a memo of the various experiences made, to those who read can serve to draw ideas and ways to deal with their travels !.

My relationship with two wheels and one engine in the middle started with a 1953 Vespa 125, that of my father.
It will be that several of my remotest remarks are on that Vespa, but the feeling of flying, protected and safe between my father and my mother, is still resumed; I was traveling on a green pad that my father had made and put on the gas cap to make me feel more comfortable, with my bigger brother standing behind the handlebars.
The stone wall sliding in front of my eyes as we went to Portovenere was like a nun, I’ve still printed it in my head.
We were a “sprint” family, we moved in this way, once it rained and my mother had an open umbrella, the carabinieri stopped us awake, my mother closed the umbrella apologizing and thanking we resumed our way, in four!!!
I also remember the first time standing with my hands on the handlebars and the wind in the face, which is a great surprise!
When I was bigger, around 11, 12, I was so keen on climbing over that I spent hours in the back of my country house, pushing it back to the small climb and then getting off for 6 or 7 meters.
I just had to love her! I could only love that strange vehicle that made me happy.

With this premise it seems normal to me that after about sixty years I continue to travel on a motorcycle: onmotor.bike!



Thanks to Ted Simon for broadening my horizons!

I apologize for the low quality English translations!