Closed park in Perino.

A Saturday motoring in Perino, in the province of Piacenza, where a Campionato Italiano regolarità d’epoca race of the 60’s / 60s / 80s bikes will takes place on Sunday. Organized by Franco, who saw his enduring career, is well acquainted with the various events in this area. Beautiful roads, and as always we did not miss Tomarlo! We ate very well in a very expensive restaurant, 40 euros per head! On the way back we went from Bobbio and then from Chiavari to greet Ivo, then, seeing the late hour, home on the highway.

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Bikers: Franco Cozzani, Giulietta Pennella, Franco’s Friend with Betta Bianchi, Omar Isoppo, Gian Ruello, Ubaldo Castellini, Gianluigi DeAndrade, Daniele Ippolito, Alessandro Mori, Federica Cozzani and Leandro Bellani.

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