Chersogno’s eagles fly high.

… in the wind sculpted in the diamond!

Three wonderful days in the Piedmont Occitan, organized to perfection by Gianluigi. Four motorcycles from La Spezia and two from Chiavari, we met at the exit of the highway Lavagna, after an initial pioggierellina the sky cleared and crossing the beautiful streets inside the Liguria we arrived at the Sanctuary of Vicoforte where, between stinging and lazy, we made a stopover. In the late afternoon with a spectacular road we climbed from Castelmagno to Colle d’Esischie and then arrived in the evening at the farm “Al Chersogno”, in San Michele di Prazzo, a small hamlet of Prazzo, near Marmora. Nice company and good dinner, then sleeping to recover the energy for the next day.

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On Sunday morning we left for a day to live intensely, we took the road to the Colle di Sampeyre, but near the summit we turned left to get off with an adventurous road through the Val Macra coming back to Prazzo, after we redone the climb to the Sampeyre hill: terrific air and beautiful views, I also met a biker who knew me for my trips. Then GianLuigi led us to the Lamb Ring which with its 2744 m is perhaps the tallest in the alpine arc, another dimension, a temperature around -2 ° C, wider roads and more intense traffic, but the the charm of lesser, less frequented huts is no less. Time started to go bad and we decided not to walk the Col d’Izoard to reach Briancon, we took for the Col de Vars and the summit started snowing softly, we stopped to eat something and put us ‘rainwear. Along the descent the climate improved and arrived at the bottom of the valley we went back to Italy with the Maddalena Colle (or Col de Larche) to return to our base. We are a good group and we are well together, even the second night we first go to enjoy a good dinner and then talk to us, as always, about motorbikes or motorcycle accessories!

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In the morning we have breakfast and we prepare for the return, not before returning to the top, we go first to the Colle d’Esischie and then go to the famous Colle della Fauniera, during the descent we stop in a nice hut for coffee and slice of tart, then descend with a magnificent little road towards Demonte. From there, after a short break we go to Liguria. We try to avoid the highway but the time runs faster than us, arriving near Masone we pick it up and run fast, a stop to dress up rain clothes and greet us again and again, each one home. There was also a strong escapement for the rafters near home. Beautiful vacation, beautiful company and beautiful places to go !!!

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bikers: Omar Isoppo, Gian Ruello, Marino Ricciardone, Mirko Ricciardone, Gianluigi DeAndrade e Leandro Bellani.

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