At the Arcana Cross Pass.

The Wild Chicken Five at the Arcana Cross Pass! – gpx Passo della Croce Arcana

An intense day, in the evening a sea of ​​kilometers made.
We met as usual in the Decathlon car park at Santo Stefano Magra and them whe took the motorway to Lucca. After a good coffee we went to Doganaccia, the almost ski resort near the Arcana Cross Passage, but on the way we made a detour to visit an ancient medieval town: Lucchio, perched on the mountain overlooking the valley of Lima Creek border between the province of Lucca and that of Pistoia so bent on the steep rocky wall that is practically unavailable until it is reached below. However, in the end we did not visit it, a bit because we are lazy and somehow it was very hot and we had little time available. We walked out of the state road of Abetone and climbed to Cutigliano and went on to Doganaccia where we had lunch. Immediately after the reopening began the dirt road with which we reached the summit at 1669 m s.l.m. after a short stroll to admire the landscape we started descending on the slope towards Fanano.

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bikers: Omar Isoppo, GianLuigi DeAndrade, Gian Ruello, Ubaldo Castellini e Leandro Bellani



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